Ekho - "Among the Shadows of Erebus" finally out!

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Ekho - "Among the Shadows of Erebus" finally out!

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:48 pm

Hey guys we’re Ekho, an Extreme Heavy Metal/Folk Metal band with many influences in our music.
We have recently released our second demo by the name of “Among the Shadows of Erebus”.
We will be more than happy if you would listen to the demo and leave us a comment about it.
Comments may be left on our official Myspace page .

Ekho’s MySpace page:

download link for the demo:

Here’s the track-list of songs included in the demo:
1. Among the Shadows of Erebus
2. Waters of Abyss
3. Silent Mourning
4. Across



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