Everyone Dies Alone – “The Arcane Army” First track up on myspace

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Everyone Dies Alone – “The Arcane Army” First track up on myspace

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 27, 2010 11:42 am

We’re proud to announce that Everyone Dies Alone’s debut album, “The Arcane Army” is FINALLY ready to be released!
The original release date was set for November 2009, but was postponed due to several line-up changes.

Our concept album was recorded and mixed at Svenchi’s Red Left Hand Studio (http://www.redlefthand.com/) and mastered at Jochem Jacobs’ Split Second Studio (http://www.splitsecondsound.nl/). Both did a great job and it goes without saying that we’re very happy with the result!

We’ve uploaded a first track “In Cimmerian Shade” to our myspace: www.myspace.com/everyonediesalonemetal. Please feel free to send us your comments.


1. Chariots Of The Gods
2. In Cimmerian Shade
3. Eyes Can Not See
4. Deus Ex Machina
5. An Hour Of Wolves And Shattered Shields
6. Aeons Of Arcadia
7. I. The Arcadian Creed
8. II. Beyond The Stygian Desert
9. III. Thanatophoros

The album cover:

Bookers, promoters and labels can get in touch: bertcoessens [at] hotmail.com

Besides the new album, we have 3 new T-shirt designs coming up. More info on that soon!


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