MFF Forum rules and guidelines

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MFF Forum rules and guidelines

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:58 am

1) No use of low language, qualified as swearing, will be allowed. This is not a religious forum, therefore, common language is accepted. However, the use of low language to degrade other members, moderators, personalities or band members won't be allowed. At the use of low language the member will be warned for 3 times. The fourth time will be reason for permanent ban.

2) You are allowed to state your opinion in a mature, polite and clear form. No form of insults based on pure hatred and hate will be allowed.

3) Flame topics will be moderated closely and at any sight of a flame war, the topic will be closed. The insisting in the topic will lead to 3 times warning and posterior ban.

4) Those inactive for a certain amount of days will be deleted.

5) Nobody will be allowed to use others name, not at the purpose to state that that person approves a certain judgement or kind of behavior/misbehavior. MFF creator and his crew don't make apology to violence, racism, or any other kind of manifestation that represents hate, discrimination, violence, cruelty towards humans or animals, or racism of any sort. People who insist on speak on others behalf will be notified and at the insistence, legal measures can be taken according to the law of each people's country, once it's classified as crime to make false statements on others account. Punishment on the forum instance will be, of course, banning.

6) For moderators only: Moderators have the job of keeping this place a nice and clean community to share information about music, culture and life in general. However, that doesn't give them god's powers to ban and harass people. People are allowed to have their opinions and nobody should be banned just because their opinions don't match with MFF moderators. At any sign of intransigent moderators, please, contact Tero Tolkki at

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