Nightrage (Greek/Swedish Melodeath)

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Nightrage (Greek/Swedish Melodeath)

Post by Guest on Sun May 02, 2010 11:40 pm

1 instance you say Nightrage, and automatically you'll think of Tomas Lindberg, Gus G, Marios Ilioupoulos and Per Moller Jensen. A super group formed by Marios after his band Exhumation closed shop, he and close friend Gus G started out Nightrage. Inspired by Melodeath bands such as At The Gates, In Flames, Dark Tanquillity, Soilwork, Carcass and Arch Enemy to name a few, they released their debut album, Sweet Vengeance, via Century Media. The line up at the time are, Tomas Lindberg, Marios Ilioupoulos, Gus G, Brice Leclerq and Per Moller Jensen.

Artwork credited by Mr Nicklas Sundin

Up next their 2nd offering, Descent Into Chaos, Per and Brice has been replaced by Fortis Bernardo and Henric Carlsson, also there's a guest vocalist from Mikael Stanne from Dark Tranquillity for the track Frozen. This album is also noted to be the swansong album for both Tomas Lindberg and Gus G for the band.


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