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Dark The Suns

Post by Guest on Tue May 04, 2010 1:15 am

Dark the Suns plays beautiful, emotional and at the same time very energetic and aggressive metal music with catchy piano melodies, dark vocals and occasional angelic female choirs.

DtS was originally founded as Mikko's solo project in 2005 in Valkeakoski. The first demo - where Mikko played all the instruments himself - was selected as ”Demo of the Month” in Inferno Magazine. In the beginning of 2006 Mikko settled to Jyväskylä and the project grew into a real band when Juha,Inka and Markus joined DtS

DtS recorded a second demo with the full band in August and was signed to Firebox Records soon after that. The debut album In Darkness Comes Beauty was released in November 2007. The Dead End -mcd saw the daylight in the late autumn 2008 and it hit the official Finnish Single Chart. The latest release All Ends in Silence was released in March 2009. Eliisa sung backing vocals in the album, and joined the band in the autumn.


great band... also great melodies and one of my addictions during the summer / autumn of 2008. finnish melancholy at his best.


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