E-Xplosives (death metal)

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E-Xplosives (death metal)

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 20, 2011 1:44 pm

E-Xplosives is a new deathmetal band from cold wastes of Oulu, North Finland.

An unholy union of seasoned deathmetal warriors was assembled during
summer of 2010 by Ruuth and Valppu.
Hautaniemi was asked to join and brought Kettunen along to the

E-Xplosives have just recorded their first 2 tracks of relentless,
punishing, hammering old-school death metal assault, hoping to find a singer for the group.
Later this year, 2011, plans are to record more music, in a professional studio.

Current line-up:

Jukka Valppu - Guitar (ex-Mythos(Fin))
Risto Ruuth - Lead Guitar (ex-Eternal Tears Of Sorrow)
Sami Kettunen - Bass (Warceremony)
Teemu Hautaniemi - Drums (ex-Mythos(Fin))

Website is at http://e-xplosives.fi


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