Bob Malmström China tour | Superflesh - LOVE EP release | Trident - Jezebel EP release | V/A Uprising 2 release

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Bob Malmström China tour | Superflesh - LOVE EP release | Trident - Jezebel EP release | V/A Uprising 2 release

Post by Elitbolaget on Tue Sep 02, 2014 12:41 pm

Album release:
Uprising 2 brings together 19 artists from eight countries for a united promotional effort across borders.

DIY (Do It Yourself) is a traditional approach especially in the punk and hardcore scenes. With easier and cheaper production methods and distribution networks it is starting to be a universally accepted way of getting your music out there. However, just releasing a track, EP or album doesn't guarantee that a single thing will happen. With Uprising 2 we wanted to bring the DIY mentality to the community level.

19 bands from various parts of the European continent gathered together for a promotional effort to bring good music to the people who appreciate it. Musicwise the distribution is rather large with music ranging from punk and hardcore to progressive death and doom metal. Geographically the regions include Finland, Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and the UK. Distribution by Elitbolaget, Levykauppa Äx, Longplay Music and the bands themselves.

For full press release:

Digital copy 1:
Digital copy 2:

Album release:
Released September 1st 2014 by Elitbolaget, the LOVE EP brings Superflesh back dirtier than ever.

Last time around they were rocking with their cocks out, free like the birds in the sky. Now they're hard and ready to Superflesh all over you. Musically it's a parade of the gay bits of Judas Priest and Turbonegro, but much butcher. This is manly music for manly men. This should be the soundtrack for the iconic Top Gun scene where supreme alpha males play volleyball on the beach. We're talking pure rockin' heavy metal here.

For full press release:

Digital copy 1:
Digital copy 2:

Superflesh music video for "Get Ready (to Fuck) released on August 31st:

Album release:
September 1st 2014 marks the break of spring as Trident ascends from hiding with their new EP Jezebel.

Jezebel is a sinister story in a world where Twin Peaks events have taken place. A young woman is missing and the law enforcement is running out of time to rescue her from her abductor. Everything is not as it seems in this world entwined with the supernatural. Trident have taken a thematic approach to the lyrics on the new EP to bring more life to the riffage than by just going with the average ranting. Musically they set their foot in the landscapes painted by the likes of Merauder and Kreator - dark and dirty hardcore metal.

For full press release:

Digital copy 1:
Digital copy 2:

Tour release:
Bob Malmström embark on their second tour of China starting September 4th for a two week long tour with club shows and festivals.

After a successful tour of China in 2013, Bob Malmström return to spread the bourgeoise hardcore message to China. 2013 marked a month long tour and the 2014 edition is a two week enterprise. Along with Bob Malmström is a documentary crew, who are aiming for a feature film of the trip set for release in 2015.

Tour dates:
9.05 Beijing JR-M Club
9.06 Beijing Dadi International Music Festival
9.07 Shijiazhuang TVU Art Club
9.08 Lanzhou Mi Live House
9.09 Xihe Tao Club
9.10 Longnan Xi Live House
9.12 Urumqi Yue Live House
9.13 Zhenjiang Xijindu Music Season
9.14 Xuzhou Yao Live House
9.15 Taiyuan Music House LiveHouse
9.16 Changzhi Club Viva
9.17 Handan Mofu Live House

About Elitbolaget:
Elitbolaget is a Finnish music production company from Helsinki, Finland. Label and management operations are growing with Bob Malmström, Trident and Superflesh in the roster and European tour bookings have been conducted for bands including Apulanta (FI), Bludger (UK), Driller (PL), Magenta Harvest (FI), Fear of Domination (FI), Khroma (FI) & Kaos Kris & Helvete (SE).


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